Aerial Ash Scattering is a process in which cremated remains called “cremains” are scattered via airplane over a specified location through a scattering device attached to the aircraft.

Yes! Resting Flight ™ adheres to strict policies and procedures set forth by the FAA, EPA, and State Laws to ensure 100% compliance in every aspect of our operation. Our pilots are all FAA Licensed Commercial Pilots who comply with 14 CFR 91.15 of the Federal Aviation Regulations.

Simply choose & order the package that’s right for you. This can be done via our website under “Pricing” or feel free to call one of our team members and order over the phone. Once your order is placed, we will provide instructions on how to send us the cremains (this will be emailed instructions). The final step is to fill out the release/liability waiver we send you (all done digitally via DocuSign), and then you’re done. It’s now time to prepare for that special date!

Resting Flight ™ is one of the most affordable Aerial Ash Scattering services in the nation. Our packages range in cost depending on the location, whether its accompanied or unaccompanied meaning your onboard the plane for the scattering or not onboard and if additional services are added (ie. flowers dropped with ashes, Ash Scattering Tribute video, etc). For more information on specific pricing, please view our “Pricing” page or contact us today at 928-925-6536 -or-

Resting Flight ™ allows you to choose one of the many options available for your scattering service. Our first option  (Accompanied) allows two family members or friends to be on board the aircraft for the scattering.

The second option (Unaccompanied) is a scattering with only the pilot on board, who also releases the remains. The third option(Witnessed) allows family members/friends to meet at the determined location at a precise date and time to view the aircraft performing the scattering. For more information and to view additional services, please view our “Pricing” page.

Resting Flight ™ has a patent pending release device that attaches to the wing strut of our Cessna 172 NAV III aircraft. This tubular designed device releases ashes via an electronic linear actuator, controlled by remote from inside the cockpit. This allows the scattering to be done with minimal noise and distraction, providing a peaceful & quiet scattering.

Yes! Cremains are not only sterile, but they pose no environmental hazard at all. Rest assure this process is eco-friendly & safe.

Resting Flight ™ offers a 25% discount if your loved one served in the military. As a veteran-owned company, we take pride in our veterans and the sacrifice they made for our country. (DD-214 or proof of service required)

We will provide email/phone notifications as to the date, time & location of the scattering. For Accompanied / Witnessed Scatterings, we will work with you to coordinate the best time that fits your schedule and ours. 

Safety of flight is the biggest priority during any ash scattering service, therefore, we do impose a weight limitation for our passengers to ensure the aircraft is operating within its limitations. Combined passenger weight cannot exceed 375 lbs.

Yes! Our Patent Pending release device mounted to the wing strut of our airplane is controlled by a switch inside the cockpit. When we are over the scattering site and your ready, you will simply press the switch to activate the release of the ashes. 

 An experience you will never forget …